A Brief History


1832 – 1934

Cooper Family Homestead
1874 – 1931: Linden Grove Jersey Cattle Farm, Memorial Day Cattle Sales

Cooper Mansion, 1800s Postcard


1937 – 1974

Convent for Sisters of the Sacred Heart Home and School

Cooper Mansion, 1900s Convent


1976 – 1992

Offices and Dormitory for Pinebrook Junior College

Cooper Mansion, 1900s Dormitory


1997 – 2004

Developer Renovations, Exterior Painting, and Subdivision

Cooper Mansion, 2000s Developer


2004 – 2006

Multifamily Occupancy
Winter freezes destroyed half of radiators and some plumbing fixtures. Vandals stole chandeliers and appliances and attempted to take mantle surround and pocket doors. Some windows repaired with Plexiglas.

Cooper Mansion, 2000s Residence


2008 - Present

New Stewardship via Sherriff’s Sale
Major challenges faced: new appliances, roof repairs, chimney repairs, plumbing repairs, boiler and radiator removal and repairs, sump pump, added three gas fireplaces, heat pump-A/C for second floor, porch refinishing and railing removed, gave Mansion a “bath,” painting & hardwood flooring on second floor, 16-foot Walnut table for Dining room, exterior plantings, curved glass replacements, many doors stripped and refinished, spiral stair kit installed, several chandeliers acquired & installed, rusty fire escape removed, master bath added, guest bath redone, polychrome exterior painting.

Cooper Mansion, Today


Cooperation in Coopersburg, 1916

by Edmund de Schweinitz Brunner